Where is collection/Do you deliver?:

  • Collection is from Highley, Shropshire. (Full collection details sent beforehand)

  • Delivery is free in Highley or £3 to Bridgnorth. (Any further areas, delivery cost will be given)


A deposit of 10 pound is to be made on celebration cakes. Unfortunately, this is non-refundable if a cancellation is made 24 hours before the collection date. (This starts from 00:00 of that date). Payments can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal or cash. These details will be sent over once you've made your booking.

Cake cutting guide:

Hold a board/plate against where you're going to be cutting the cake, which will give you more support while cutting. Take a large, sharp knife and slice straight down the side of the cake. Once the cake is on the board/plate, cut down the slice vertically three or four times or however big you want the chunks of cake, and then again horizontally to get as many slices as desired. Enjoy, and don't forget to wrap the remaining cake to keep it as fresh as possible!

Transporting/storage advice:

Please transport your cake on a flat surface, such as the footwell of your car (please keep the heating off and the air conditioning on if possible, drive carefully and slowly). Make sure to remove any internal supports if necessary (e.g., dowels) and non-edible items like flowers, balls, etc.

Before serving, make sure to always store buttercream cakes in the fridge; however, they're best eaten at room temperature. So please take the cake out of the fridge one hour/thirty minutes prior to consuming. Large cakes are best consumed within 5-7 days, and cupcakes within 2-3 days.

Contact Us

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